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Miley Cyrus postpones US tour for allergy recovery

Written By kom Namsat on Sabtu, 19 April 2014 | 22.32

Miley Cyrus is postponing her U.S. tour while she recovers from an allergic reaction to antibiotics, but will resume her performances in August.

Cyrus' representative tells The Associated Press on Friday that the singer will resume the U.S. tour Aug. 1 in Uniondale, N.Y. The new dates will include seven rescheduled shows and two additional stops.

The European leg of the tour is still scheduled to kick off May 2 in Amsterdam.

Cyrus' rep says the singer suffered from a sinus infection last week during her "Bangerz" tour and had "an extreme allergic reaction" to the antibiotic cephalexin on Tuesday. Cyrus canceled several shows this week as a result.

Existing tickets for the 21-year-old singer's U.S. tour will be honored at the new date.

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LKQ collides with Huizenga curse as margins dent

Billionaire entrepreneur Wayne Huizenga is renowned for a buy-and-build strategy that demolishes rivals.

The so-called Huizenga playbook created multibillion-dollar giants like Waste Management, Blockbuster and AutoNation.

But the rapid roll-up strategy employed by the 76-year-old businessman and a handful of pals over the last 45 years has also led to several accounting scandals, billions of dollars in shareholder losses and even bankruptcies.

LKQ, a 16-year-old Chicago-based junkyard auto-parts giant, is the latest company run by Huizenga protégés to take pages out of that playbook. And it is starting to show some of the same wear and tear of earlier ventures associated with the group, critics say.

"Caught in a massive margin squeeze with used auto-parts prices deflating, and salvage vehicles rising, LKQ's gross margins have been in persistent decline since 2005," wrote short-sellers Ben Axler and Eiad Asbahi in a Jan. 14 report by Prescience Point Research Group.

The short-sellers believe that LKQ's inventory is full of overpriced parts that aren't selling.

A front door for a 2007 Honda Accord costs anywhere from $670 to $755 at Nevada LKQ dealers, compared with $400 to $500 from other dealers in that state, according to car-part.com.

The junk auto-parts company dismissed the report as "full of numerous inaccuracies" but did not elaborate or return calls for additional comment.

LKQ, which has acquired over 170 companies, has seen gross margins steadily shrink from 45.3 percent in 2009 to 41 percent last year, according to regulatory filings.

At the same time, the cost of goods sold — the salvaged car hulks that it uses for parts — has been steadily rising, to 59 percent of revenue in 2013, from 54.7 percent in 2009, filings show.

Until recently, investors seemed more taken by the company's fast-growing top line than the increasing margin pressure as LKQ shares more than quadrupled over that same four-year span, from $7.62 in May 2009, to $34.32 in December 2013.

But LKQ shares have fallen 17 percent since that December high, as some of the underlying weaknesses obscured by the roll-up strategy are starting to surface.

Last week William Blair cut its first-quarter earnings estimate for LKQ by 8 percent, to 33 cents, in part due to a hike in used car prices. LKQ reports April 29.

This isn't the first time Huizenga — a college dropout worth an estimated $3.4 billion — and his cronies have come under attack for big consolidations that later crashed and burned, including:

  •  Waste Management: Four executives settled Securities and Exchange accounting fraud charges for about $30.87 million in 2005.
  • Blockbuster: Went bankrupt years after Huizenga sold it to Viacom for $8.4 billion in 1994.
  • AutoNation: Shareholders lost more than $10 billion before founder and then-CEO Huizenga exited in 1999, and new owners engineered a turnaround.
  • Swisher Hygiene: Huizenga took over in 2004. It now faces an SEC inquiry over accounting irregularities. In 2013, Huizenga resigned from its board.

Huizenga declined to comment on the report's allegations.

LKQ was formed in 1998, when the accounting troubles at Waste Management, which Huizenga had already left, were just surfacing. The company's CFO, Huizenga pal Donald Flynn, began looking for his next act and founded LKQ.

Huizenga helped out Flynn (who died in 2011) with an investment from AutoNation. Another investor was Waste Management CEO Dean Buntrock — the man the SEC called the driving force of its accounting fraud. Seven former Waste Management execs went to work at the company.

LKQ stands for "like, kind and quality," a term used to designate the type of aftermarket recycled or refurbished replacement parts acceptable to insurers in auto claims.

The company's original owners began cashing out after LKQ went public in 2003, when insiders owned 22 percent of the shares. They now own less than 2 percent.

LKQ originally undercut on price, its primary competitive advantage in the salvage and aftermarket auto parts business. As insurers cut back on what they would pay auto-body shops for repair parts, LKQ's business flourished.

But in recent years, General Motors and Mazda started programs to match LKQ's prices, Prescience Point research showed.

Pending state auto insurance legislation, in Michigan and Rhode Island, could put even more pressure on that market, since it would not allow insurers to demand alternative parts in car repairs.

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Student suspended for asking Miss America to the prom

YORK, Pa. — A Pennsylvania high school student is in hot water for asking Miss America to prom during a question and answer session at school.

Eighteen-year-old Patrick Farves said he received three days of in-school suspension Thursday because he asked Nina Davuluri to prom.

The senior at Central York High School stood up and popped the prom question, then walked to the stage with a plastic flower. Davuluri just laughed and the students cheered.

School officials heard about Farves' plan in advance and warned him not to do it. He has apologized for disrupting the event.

The school says students are disciplined for breaking rules and this incident is no different.

Davuluri was at the school to talk with students about diversity and the importance of science, technology, engineering and math studies.

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Brewers’ catcher knocks the cover off the ball – literally

The expression "knocked the cover off the ball" is almost as old as baseball, but it's a feat that has rarely been accomplished.

Milwaukee Brewers backup catcher Martin Maldonado put his name into the collective memories of baseball fans everywhere last night after literally knocking the cover off a grounder to third.

Maldonado was at bat in the sixth inning with a runner on when he smacked a ground ball to Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez. As the ball bounced towards Alvarez, the cover of the ball visibly came loose.

Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez fields a baseball which had its cover ripped off after being hit by Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado.Photo: Getty Images

With the catcher hustling towards first base, Alvarez fielded the ball cleanly and threw to first only to have the ball land short of the bag, with a chunk of leather providing resistance.

"I feel like I hit it on the barrel, not on the end of the bat," Maldonado told MLB.com. "But when I looked down, I see that something was spinning. I never thought it was the ball uncovered. I thought he threw it to second base. Then I looked back and saw the ball and I was like, 'That's kind of weird.'"

Maldonado was called safe at first on what was ruled an infield hit.

Milwaukee Brewers' Martin Maldonado drives in Scooter Gennett with a single off Pittsburgh Pirates starting pitcher Charlie Morton during the fourth inning of a baseball game in Pittsburgh on Friday.Photo: AP

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Sub search for missing jet to be finished in week

PERTH, Australia — A robotic submarine looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is expected to finish searching a patch of the Indian Ocean seabed within a week after so far coming up empty, and the search area may be expanded after that, officials said Saturday.

As the hunt for Flight 370 hit the six-week mark, the Bluefin 21 unmanned sub began its seventh trip into the depths off the coast of western Australia. Its search area forms a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) circle around the location of an underwater signal that was believed to have come from the aircraft's black boxes before their batteries died. The sonar scan of the seafloor in that area is expected to be completed in five to seven days, the search center said in an email to The Associated Press.

The U.S. Navy sub has covered around 133 square kilometers (51 square miles) since it began diving into the depths on Monday. The latest data are being analyzed, but nothing has yet been identified.

Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters in Kuala Lumpur that the weekend search is crucial.

"The narrowing of the search for today and tomorrow is at a very critical juncture, so I appeal to everybody around the world to pray and pray hard that we find something to work on over the next couple of days," he said.

But he added that there were no plans to give up once the Bluefin concludes its work. Instead, he said the scope of the search may be broadened or other assets may be used.

"The search will always continue," he said. "It is just a matter of approach. All efforts will be intensified for the next few days with regards to the underwater search."

Meanwhile on Saturday, up to 11 aircraft and 12 ships continued to scan the ocean surface for debris from the Boeing 777 that disappeared March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

Radar and satellite data show the plane mysteriously veered far off course for unknown reasons and would have run out of fuel in the remote section of the southern Indian Ocean where the search has been focused. Not one piece of debris has been recovered since the massive hunt began.

The tiresome search, which continues to raise more questions than answers, has tormented the families whose loved ones were aboard Flight 370. About two-thirds of the passengers were Chinese.

On Friday, around three dozen Chinese relatives held a prayer meeting in Beijing for their missing spouses. Many sobbed heavily as candles burned on a table in the shape of a heart with "MH370″ in the middle. A banner behind them read in Chinese: "Husband, wife, come home soon."

There have been numerous leads throughout the painstaking hunt, but all have turned out to be false. The latest hope involved an oil slick found near the underwater search area, but analysis of a sample taken from the site found it was not connected to the plane.

The most promising development came when four underwater signals were detected April 5 and 8. The sounds were consistent with pings that would have been emanating from the flight data and cockpit recorders' beacons before their batteries died.

The underwater operation is being complicated by the depth of the largely unexplored silt-covered sea floor. The U.S. Navy's unmanned submarine has gone beyond its recommended limit of 4,500 meters (15,000 feet), according to the U.S. 7th Fleet. That could risk the equipment, but it is being closely monitored.

The search coordination center has said the hunt for floating debris on the surface will continue at least into next week, even though the head of the search effort, Angus Houston, had earlier said it was expected to end sooner.

On Saturday, the visual surface search was to cover an estimated 50,200 square kilometers (19,382 square miles) of sea.

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Clint Eastwood’s ‘Jersey Boys’ a promising film reboot

Written By kom Namsat on Jumat, 18 April 2014 | 22.32

Ayyyy! The first trailer for Clint Eastwood's film adaptation of the long-running Broadway hit "Jersey Boys" has finally dropped, and it looks very promising.

John Lloyd Young reprises his stage role as singing legend Frank Valli in this jukebox musical about doo-wop sensations The Four Seasons, also featuring Christopher Walken as a gangster. It opens on June 20.

"Jersey Boys" could be Eastwood's first big box-office success since "Grand Torino'' six years ago — his three subsequent films as a director ("Invictus," "Hereafter" and "J. Edgar") all under-performed.

It's not the first Broadway musical transfer that Eastwood has been involved in, though it's been several decades. Just for fun, here's a clip of Clint singing Lerner and Loewe's "I Talk to the Trees" from Joshua Logan's "Paint Your Wagon" (1969):

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Waterproof your look with these rain-ready spring items

Make like the stars and pull your spring look together with the oh-so-chic belted classic — perfect for going incognito or making a zany, rainy-day statement.

Left: Blue is the coolest color. Trench coat, $595 at lkbennett.com

Right: The neutral hue is an old standby — especially when the weather isn't. Trench coat, $69.90 at Uniqlo, 666 Fifth Ave

Left: Khaki never looked so fresh. Trench coat, $120 at oasis.andotherbrands.com

Right: Be on high-fashion alert. Trench coat, $545 at A.P.C., 131 Mercer St.

Left: You'll be cloaked in style. Trench coat, $225 at Banana Republic, 626 Fifth Ave.

Right: Weather patterns heed the fine print. Cynthia Rowley for London Fog trench coat, $350 at londonfog.com

Left: An Army trench spells victory. Trench coat, $1,895 at Burberry, 9 E. 57th St.

Right: Out of the rain, into the pink. Trench coat, $220 at Topshop, 478 Broadway

Clockwise from top left:

Morellini umbrella, $30 at pret-a-beaute.com

"Lumimarja" umbrella, $69 at marimekko.com

Blue Avocado XO Eco by Lauren Conrad umbrella in blue, $59.99 at kohls.com

"Yetunde" umbrella (32"), $425 at marisols.org

Houndstooth umbrella, $9.80 at forever21.com

Kate Spade Saturday zig zag umbrella, $35 at saturday.com

Clockwise from top left:

Waterlilies umbrella, $35 at momastore.org

"Darling Daisy" umbrella, $8.80 at forever21.com

"Positano Hexagons" umbrella, $30 at jonathanadler.com

"It Girls" umbrella, $78 at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Ave.

Blue Avocado XO Eco by Lauren Conrad umbrella in cream, $59.99 at kohls.com

"Halima" umbrella (32"), $425 at marisols.org

Rain boots, $98 at tretorn.com

Left: Cole Haan rain boots, $250 at 6pm.com

Right: Rain boots, $140 at hunter-boot.com

Diesel rain boots, $95 at zappos.com

Left: Bogs rain boots, $80 at zappos.com

Right: Rain boots, $175 at Ugg Australia, 600 Madison Ave.

Rain mules, $85 at aiglenoots.com

Zip pouch, $78 at Jonathan Adler, 53 Greene St.

Water-resistant "Shark" watch, $100 at freestyleusa com

Furla rubber satchel, $148 at Bloomingdale's, 1000 Third Ave.

Kenzo cloud-print scarf, $295 at farfetch.com

San Diego Hat Company bucket rain hat, $35 at sandiegohat.com

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The QB who is freefalling down NFL Draft boards

Teddy Bridgewater's stock is falling faster than a Jets fan's heart races the day of the draft.

After a scintillating junior season in which he completed 71 percent of his passes for 3,970 yards, 31 touchdowns and four interceptions in leading the Cardinals to a 12-win season, Bridgewater was considered the top quarterback prospect in the NFL Draft and even the top overall prospect by some.

But, boy, have things changed in recent weeks, with Bridgewater dropping rapidly in mock drafts. In fact, ESPN guru Mel Kiper Jr. projected him as a second round pick in his latest mock, going to the Texans, and the NFL Network's Mike Mayock said he wouldn't be surprised if Bridgewater went in the second round.

"Let me be clear: This is the top-rated quarterback on my Big Board, a player I have rated higher than [Blake] Bortles, [Johnny] Manziel or [Derek] Carr," Kiper wrote. "But my reading of the tea leaves in speaking with many evaluators around the league is that Bridgewater could drop if he slides past a couple of points early on. If I could project trades, I'd have someone taking him later in Round 1 having moved up. Obviously, he's a steal at this point."

Here are a few reasons for his descent.

Idle time at NFL Scouting Combine

Bridgewater didn't throw or run at the combine, which features scouts from every team. Declining to throw isn't unusual. But Bridgewater said he would run the 40-yard dash and then opted not to, while Manziel did compete.

Mediocre pro day

Mayock described Bridgewater's performance as "very average at best." Mayock said he spoke to several of the coaches on hand for Bridgewater's workout and they all came away "disappointed."

It's rare for a top quarterback not to impress at his pro day. The workout is scripted, from the types of routes that are run by familiar receivers to showing the player's best attributes. Last year, for example, Florida State's EJ Manuel stood out among the draft's QB prospects because of his athleticism, so his pro day featured repeated rollouts to emphasize that attribute.

Bridgewater then told Gil Brandt of the NFL Network his inaccuracy could be traced to not wearing gloves, and he didn't wear them because he has been working out in the Florida heat and wasn't using them.

Leadership abilities

One AFC North coach told Matt Miller of NFL Draft Scout that he questioned Bridgewater's ability to run an offense.

How did he do this? By comparing him to Willie Beamen — Jamie Foxx's character from "Any Given Sunday." Yes, seriously.

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Inside Bryan Singer’s ‘infamous’ drug-fueled pool orgies

Shocking allegations of Bryan Singer's debauched lifestyle are being made on the heels of accusations he sexually abused a teenage boy.

D-Listed founder Michael K. has come forward claiming the "X-Men" director was involved in notorious pool-side coke filled orgies.

Michael Egan at age 17Photo: Herman/ Splash News

"I first heard about Bryan Singer's 'infamous' coke and twink pool parties when I was 18 and was at some party in Orange County that a bunch of dancers from Disneyland were at," he writes in a blog post, published Thursday.

"One of the twink dancers bragged to me and my friends about how the weekend before he was at a party in L.A. that the director of 'Usual Suspects' was at and the white twinks, coke and meth were falling from the sky. The twink dancer said that Bryan Singer and his fancy Hollywood friends always throw parties like that …"

He continues, "So when I read about [the lawsuit] last night, a look of shock didn't exactly cover my face."

K. also pointed out that this isn't the first time the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" director, 48, has been accused of untoward behavior with an underage boy.

In 1997, Singer was named in a lawsuit by a 14-year-old who appeared as in the director's second movie, "Apt Pupil." The suit alleged that the director made the accuser and other underage take off their thongs during the filming of a shower scene.

British director Duncan Roy took to his blog to offer up his thoughts on the allegations.

"If you want to get on in Hollywood straight or gay … you better learn how to please the directors and producers you meet at drug fueled, drink sodden gay parties," writes Roy.

On Wednesday, reports emerged that Michael Egan, 31, was suing Singer, alleging that the filmmaker had sexually abused him at a series of lurid Hollywood parties and on trips (specifically to Hawaii) on when he was just 17.

"I was raped numerous times by multiple individuals, passed around like a piece of meat," Egan told reporters at a press conference in Beverly Hills the next day.

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Ultimate Warrior’s personal side revealed in wife’s touching letter

Warrior really was The Ultimate.

A week after the death of the wrestling legend, his wife has penned a heartfelt letter revealing the man behind the face paint.

"The Undertaker and I have a lot more in common than you might think," Dana Warrior wrote.

"You see, I had a bit of a streak of my own going for the last 20 years. Yes, Warrior and I would have matches of our own … He would yell, I would cry, he would submit, I would win — always. My quivering chin and 'pooched' lip was always more powerful than any clothesline or gorilla press slam. He'd laugh and shake his head and say, 'You win, Pooch,' but really we both did.

"My streak was broken April 8, 2014 when he collapsed. I fought and screamed and cried for him not to leave me, but I wasn't to win this round.

"Heaven won and I lost, but I had the ULTIMATE love for 20 years and my children learned to be Warriors from THE ULTIMATE DAD.

"He is the love of my life and gave me the gift of our beautiful, sweet, amazing girls. He was loyal and kind and strong and brave. He taught me to live by his creed, 'Live Strong, Act Bold, Be Brave. Nothing's too hard to do, ALWAYS BELIEVE,' and with that creed I will carry on and make him proud."

The Ultimate Warrior, one of the biggest names in wrestling in the 1980s and early 1990s, collapsed while walking with Dana outside a Scottsdale, Arizona hotel last week and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The Maricopa County medical examiner's office determined the 54-year-old died of heart disease.

On this week's Monday Night Raw, WWE paid tribute to The Ultimate Warrior. It was this tribute that inspired Dana's letter.

"Since the passing of my husband, I have been fortunate enough to insulate my sweet girls and myself from the outside world," Dana explained.

"In this bubble we have grieved and continue to do so. For a week, I did not allow any television or media to seep through our cocoon. I was told, though, of the outpouring of love for my beloved husband and support for, as he always called us, his Warrior Girls. I can only say thank you.

"On Sunday night, I was told WWE would pay tribute to Warrior and so I set the DVR planning to watch it when we were ready. As the hour neared, I broke resolve and turned on every TV in the house to full blast and snuggled our daughters close to me on the couch, unsure what we would see.

"As the scene unfolded with that amazing roster of talent gathered donning Ultimate Warrior shirts and even his face paint, we cheered and sobbed simultaneously. To everyone who stood there, thank you. My girls will remember your bowed heads for the rest of their lives.

"You are not just Superstars; you are super people."

This article originally appeared on News.com.au.

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